Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dragonfly 1

Dragonflies do not make good sketching subjects, they are fidgety and nervous and cannot sit still long enough before the first wing can be drawn. 
To sketch a dragonfly it must be either 
1. Dead
2. Observed quietly from a photograph
I chose the latter and invite you to do the same by clicking on the title Dragonfly 1 above.


Anonymous said...

Dragonfly is very different from your other paintings It is not at all whimsicle but has a real feeling to it. I almost feel like it is about to fly away. I love it.Take care Sharkie

Margaret Ann said...

Ooooohhhhhh This is remarkable!!! And the reference photo awesome! I absolutely love electric and enegetic.

I have just been merrily roaming your blog and have been delighted by each post. Your color palette is scrumptious...every piece has an exuberant feel! that your real car? Love it! It so makes each painting feel so vintage. :)

Thanks for stopping by mine blog and leaving a comment...I will definitely be back to yours as a regular!!!


Margaret Ann,
You've got me blushing, thank you so much for the very complementary words;
I love vintage cars because they are so much more appropriate to what I am trying to say, however I drive a very comfortable and modern car.
As for your site, I absolutely love it, your art is fabulous and I am putting your link in my "Favourites".
So glad you were able to drop by.