Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Corner Grocery

The fifties!  Not a care in the world for us adolescent kids growing up in middle class Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Our biggest concern was whether a flipped card would come up right side or not – no risking the loss of a flipped coin in a sidewalk crack – besides, who had a coin to risk?   Note the bedding airing out of windows, and the two girls – no, they’re not twins – they’re wearing compulsory public school uniforms.  We pretended not to notice them:  in those bygone days drinks were suggestively named Orange Crush and Kik. 

The schoolbags set aside on the street have since been reinvented as backpacks; the corner grocery along with Frank were swallowed by a supermarket. The astronauts we kids knew of were Captain Marvel and Flash Gordon zooming out of comic books to miraculously land in fertile imaginations.

Oil 30" x 40"


Pierre Moatti said...

Amazing work. Brings back so many fond memories of my life in Montreal. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for the comments,
My latest is pretty funny and will be posted in a couple of weeks, it reveals my friends, uncles and the pizza delivery boy...,
don't ask!!!